ATSC 3.0 Security Authority

Maximizing Trust in the NextGen TV Ecosystem

The ATSC 3.0 NEXTGEN TV standard is an exciting new platform for content providers, broadcasters, device manufacturers and consumers–a launching pad for exciting new and enhanced sports, news, 4K and local programming services for consumers to enjoy on a host of cutting-edge TVs and other devices. ATSC 3.0 is the world’s first internet protocol (IP) based television standard, enabling broadcasters and manufacturers to make use, for the first time, of the same tools and technologies used for everything else on the Internet.  But the massive investments required to create these new devices and services won’t be forthcoming unless the security requirements for IP based television-including security against viruses and hacking– are satisfied. 

To encourage full participation and investment in the ATSC 3.0 DTV ecosystem, it is critical that content providers, broadcasters, device manufacturers, and consumers can trust that their content, services and information are protected and secure.  To this end, the ATSC 3.0 Security Authority (A3SA) has been formed to develop protocols for securing ATSC 3.0 broadcast services by leveraging the same tools Web-based content services use (i.e., IP-based encryption protocols, device certificates and rights management technology), all in conformance with the ATSC Security Standard for NEXTGEN TV.

A3SA will provide device manufacturers and broadcasters with access to protection and security credentials that will enable secure delivery of high-value television content through the use of the ATSC 3.0 standard, while adding new features to, and preserving the availability of, free, over-the-air television across the country. 

The Next Steps

The security authority will create and manage compliance rules, test suites and market auditing programs to facilitate interoperability and ensure both high levels of compliance and a high-quality viewer experience.

Consumer technology companies, broadcasters, digital rights management providers, and other stakeholders in the transition to next generation TV are expected to participate in the A3SA ecosystem.

The A3SA will also establish a Technology Contributors Working Group that will include content providers, broadcasters, device manufacturers, and other key members of the ATSC 3.0 ecosystem.

Founding members of the ATSC 3.0 Security Authority include CBS, Disney, Fox, NBCU, Univision, and the Pearl TV business group of eight broadcast companies.

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