Licensing A3SA

Signal protection and security credentials for the NextGen TV ecosystem

Licensing A3SA

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  • If you are a manufacturer of devices that will receive ATSC 3.0 broadcast signals and want that device to be able to access protected content, the A3SA Adopter Agreement will enable your access to and use of the A3SA security credentials needed to do that.
  • If you are a broadcaster who wants to protect ATSC 3.0 broadcast content, the A3SA Broadcaster Agreement provides access to A3SA security credentials for encrypting your valuable content.
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  • By selecting "I AGREE" and clicking "SUBMIT", you, on behalf of yourself and your company/employer (to the extent you are acting as a representative) (i) represent that you (or, if applicable, your company/employer) have a true and legitimate interest in entering into an A3SA technology agreement, and (ii) you (and, if applicable, your company/employer) agree to treat any information provided by A3SA arising from or related to this request, whether presented in writing or otherwise, including, without limitation, technical documents, license summaries, license agreements, or agreement terms, as confidential; and to not disclose such information to the public or to any third party (other than affiliates or consultants or advisors bound by reasonable confidentiality obligations).
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