August 21, 2023—A3SA announces a set of “Encoding Rules” its licensed broadcasters must follow for encrypted ATSC 3.0 broadcasts that are simulcast with ATSC 1.0 broadcasts

July 27, 2023—A3SA has approved the issuance of a new Verification Test Suite Addendum for licensed Adopters who implement A3SA’s current (V0.9) Specifications in receiver devices and components intended for consumers, as well as in professional tools intended for broadcasters and other device manufacturers.  The included new V0.9 Test Suite enables the testing of a far higher percentage of the features required by the new Specifications than the previous version did.  This in turn should enable device and component manufacturers to deliver even greater levels of reliability for their products than was previously possible

March  24, 2022– The following documents are now available:

February 14, 2022– A3SA is pleased to announce the “Sunrise” of the availability of signal signing for ATSC 3.0 Signals and Applications!

For broadcasters wanting to begin signing ATSC 3.0 Signals or Applications, please see the Broadcaster Onboarding Process and use the contact info listed in the process and elsewhere in this site when you’re ready to move forward. We and our PKI vendor Eonti look forward to working with you!